Robert Pot 



Via Skype we can work on and solve the most difficult technical flute problems. You can ask me about methodology and teaching, when you find yourself in a situation you can't solve with your pupils or students.



This service is aimed at professionals, students and advanced amateurs. If you are a beginner you'd better turn to your local flute-teacher.


My Skype-name is: robert.pot.flute

E-mail: info(at)

Phone: 0031 117 451497 Cell-phone 0031 653 801927



Please send me an e-mail at info(at) or call for an appointment or look if I'm online with Skype. If there is time I will help you out immediately or we'll set a date.



What do you need? 

To download Skype go to: and install Skype.

You need a broadband internet connection, a webcam, loudspeakers and a microphone on your pc. 




Flute Lessons - Tips - Help - Clinic - Repertoire - Flute - Alto flute - Bass flute - Concert - Audition - Finals - Posture - Breathing - Embouchure - Tone - Dynamics - Intonation - Tone colouring - Methodology - Error-analysis - etc.